Day one


>TFW (That feel when) you’re trying explain, convey if you will, the outline of your initial idea to somebody and it is so much clearer in your head than you can describe. Lets make a second attempt at this and see if I can actually do it.


…Here goes:

From what I am led to believe, for this assignment for University. The ‘product’ we are to produce can be anything. That’s right. Anything, infinite creativity. However, I do believe it must fall in some form of line with the Degree I am studying (Music Technology). We are using a program called MAX. From what I have read and have been told it is something special. It’s coding a program but works more in the realms of Lego rather than lines of text. You just take these blocks, put them together and WOOPAH, you’ve made something. Obviously it’s more in-depth than that but knowledge is fledgling. A mere seed waiting to grow into a big knowledge plant (Yup, a knowledge plant).

So! The waffle continues… One of the examples that was brought up during the lecture was somebody had created some form of sound related surfing game using MAX and a Wii balance board. Now I love games. I AM a gamer. I also love my music. So… BLIND PEOPLE. Yes, yes I’m coming to that. The first thing that came into my mind was “Why not create some form of Psychological Horror/Thriller where the main Protagonist is blind”.

“Whats the point in that?” You ask. Well, what if you had to rely on echo-location to ‘see’ your environment? It would start off simple with your character having to navigate a corridor with a few obstacles and then build up to you having to run from something chasing you….

So how would it work? In my head I see it as your character’s movement is controlled by the standard W,A,S,D for movement (I’m a PC gamer and what of it?) and possibly the mouse for a further dimension of vision. (Possibly a touch over 90 degrees each way to replicate a human neck?), Space for jump, CTRL for crouch, all that usual jazz. The echo location would work by the player themself having to use a microphone. I think rather than having preset actions wouldn’t be as immersive as having the player actually make clicks and whistles. The game would also need to be tuned to the players own voice to provide a more accurate response? Like voice recognition on your phone. So! As you stare at you blank screen (should it be entirely blank or should there be a very VERY slight amount of vision close to the player as so you are aware of your position?)  with minimal HUD (that’s a Heads Up Display) you make a clicking noise into your microphone and you see on the screen as the sound wave produced by your click passes through the room and reflects off of the surrounding environment essentially allowing you to ‘see’ the surroundings?

Maybe sort of like Ben Affleck In Daredevil but not as lame?

Anyway, that’s enough typing for me and just a mere taster of my idea for you! If anybody reads this an just happens to work for a games developer…Don’t you damn dare steal my idea! …Same goes if this has already been done and I’m as imaginative as I’d like to think.



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