Day…A few days





I meant to update his yesterday! Whoops. Lets continue the ramble:


Not much has really gone on. I’ve delved a little further into my research for this assignment however, I am reluctant to do anything to indepth as I need to confirm whether or not this is within the brief. NOW, to update: 

  • Acquired MAX MSP (I’ve opted for a month free first and then I’ll purchase a year’s sub)
  • Got me a book from the Library! Steve Goodman’s Sonic Warfare, Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear. 
  • Found a few videos on echolocation and patches created for it in MAX
  • Researched a few indie developer game engines. 

I picked up this book after seeing it on my course reading list. I find the way sound affects us. The way tension is created, how certain moods are conveyed and the affect extreme frequencies/volumes has on the body/mind. If I am able to go down the game route and I do create something with a horror aspect, sound will be playing a BIG role in the game. The…Psychology of sound? Will play a large role. UN-NERVE!

Links to things: 

UNITY Engine:

UNREAL 3 Dev Kit 

BLENDER (A simpler? Engine): (Here’s blender being used with MAX MSP!) – Audio Input from MAX being used to control the Blender Engine. Could this be a starting point for me? 

…Hell, there’s even a big ol’ list of Indie Engines, kits and the such here:

Aaand finally, here: . An interesting read!

Will update this section more.


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